Established in 1876, Egyptian Coatings has always been at the forefront of the chemical coatings industry. The company adopted the “Egyptian” name in 1892, when archeological explorations in Egypt revealed ancient artifacts preserved with lacquer-like coatings. Over the years Egyptian Coatings has established a solid history for developing environmentally safe industrial coatings. Recognized for our strong ability to continually improve the quality of our products, we offer an extensive line of formulations for industrial users.

Egyptian Coatings offers quick delivery, or stocking programs from our central location in the United States. To meet the changing demands of our customers, we reserve 20% of our equipment for those occasions when even faster response is required.

We offer an experienced research and technical staff that can be dispatched to your facility when required, or can assist in solving problems on the phone. Above all else, we do what is required to support our products. We are proud of our reputation for quality and flexibility in meeting
the needs of our customers.