Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Product Description:  CL-55

is an anti-graffiti coating intended for the protection of concrete, masonry and metal substrates.  The cured coting provides excellent release and ease of removal of permanent markers and aerosol paints.





Density @ 77 ⁰F


Active Solids

75% +/- 2%



Flash Point, closed cup

105-125 ⁰F

Weight per gallon:  8.10 lbs. /gallon

Solids:  75 +/-2 (wt. %)    70 +/-2 (vol. %)

Application: Spray or Brush              

Viscosity: 5500 (77⁰F cps @10 rpm)                            

Substrate: Concrete, masonry, and metal

Gloss:  High

Reduction:  Use as supplied

Surface Preparation: Remove all rust, dirt, moisture, grease or other contaminants from surface.  Apply PL-11 Primer on first coat.  Then apply CL-55 as a top coat.

Curing Schedule:  Full Cure in 7 Days

Film Thickness: Wet – 11-12 mil   

                            Dry – 8-9 mil

Theoretical Mileage at 100% Efficiency: At 1.00 mil   220 sq.ft./gal.

At 0.50 mil   441 sq.ft./gal.

pH:  None

VOC (calculated):  231.5 g/l, 1.93lbs. /gal      

Adhesion:  Excellent

Durability:  Excellent


Use Information:

CL-55 is intended for the exclusive use in industrial and commercial applications where personal protective equipment is required and mandatory.

CL-55 is not suitable for nor recommended for aerosol-based applications in the DIY markets.  Use of CL-55 in this manner disperses free aerosol vapor droplets in the air.  Breathing these free droplets in the air poses extremely serious health risk and raises the possibility of fatal consequences to any individual associated with such improper use and handling of CL-55.


CL-55 is particularly suitable for mineral building materials such as concrete, brick, lime sandstone, natural and artificial stone, plaster, wood and coated metal surfaces as a permanent protection against graffiti.  CL-55 is to be used only after a thorough examination on coated metal and plastic surfaces and possibly in combination with a suitable primer.


Apply CL-55 to a clean dry surface.  Surface may be cleaned by scrubbing or power washing with a common solvent or cleaner.  CL-55 is applied using an airless sprayer.  However, brush or roller are also suitable methods of application. For small surface areas.  PL-11 primer is recommended to most common surfaces.

A test area should be applied especially on painted or existing graffiti surfaces.

With proper protective equipment, CL-55 and PL-11, may be applied via industrial spray application methods such as airless and conventional spray.  After use, the spray equipment and lines must immediately be flushed with solvents to prevent the coating from curing and forming a tough adherent cured film.

CL-55cures quickly once applied to dry substrates and exposed to humidity in the air.  Curing occurs at the surface and progresses to the substrate based on the available ambient moisture.  Complete drying for heavier film builds may require 24 hours.

Containers, once opened, should be used until empty.  Any remaining coating exposed to air will continue to cure and thicken resulting in surface skinning and increased viscosity.