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Industrial Coatings for the Worldwide Market

Toll Manufacturing: Some companies outsource their need for resin solutions. We will supply solutions per your formula.

Major manufacturers of Chain, Springs, Lawnmower Blades, Agricultural Tools and Equipment as well as many others have embraced the Thermadep Process. Thermadep is a relatively new technological breakthrough. We have only just scratched the surface on its uses and expect to develop many other markets for it. Once customers realize the cost savings, ease of use, and its environmentally friendly characteristics, it will gain acceptance in many other industries.

The Pencil Industry Dowell Manufacturers, Ruler/Yardstick and Arrow companies are a few of the primary users of our line of gasket lacquers. Gasket lacquers need to dry very fast, be flexible, accept printing, come in multiple colors and provide good coverage. These industries are fairly well established, take care of their specific niche and continue to survive by producing high quality products with a fast order turnaround time.

Industries that manufacture products that tarnish use our line of Clear Lacquers. Musical instruments, kitchen hardware, brass hardware. Anything made from brass or copper can be coated with our water or solvent-based clear coatings, providing excellent protection from the elements.

You’ll find our industrial coatings on a multitude of other familiar products:
Office furniture, farm equipment, lamps, industrial equipment, cabinet hardware, refinished brass and antique hardware. It also works for elevator and bar railing restoration products.

Water and solvent-based compliance coatings in your color choice can be custom formulated for your applications.