Thermadep Introductions

Egyptian Coatings has been able to remain on the cutting edge of the Industrial Coatings Industry by focusing on product innovation, customized formulation and superb customer service.

Our most innovative product line is Thermadep Coatings. This green technology takes the energy from the heat in the metal part and applies the coating by quenching the part in the water based Thermadep. Many of our new customers used to use Black Oxide. They have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use, how safe the product is to handle and store, the tremendous cost savings and a proven track record of success in multiple industries.

Most metal fabricators would take this chain to an outside coating jobber, which may require cleaning prior to coating, at an approximate cost of 14 cents per pound. Our team can develop a coating which can be applied in-house, at the end of your manufacturing line, allowing you to coat this chain for pennies! If we can do it for chain, imagine what we can do for your metal parts.

As a licensee of the patented ThermadepSM process, Egyptian Coatings is proud to offer this one-step, water-based coating process to the heat treating industry. ThermadepSM is specifically well suited for many heat treated products such as agricultural equipment and springs. Easy to use, the process provides a consistent finish and is available in a variety of colors.


Dip a heated part (from 350° F to 1,200° F) into a bath of water-based polymer solution. After 5 to 50 seconds, remove the part from the bath and air dry it or bake it dry. There’s no rinsing or additional steps needed. Parts coated with the ThermadepSM process are ready for immediate processing or shipping.

Because it’s water-based, the ThermadepSM process has low VOCs or is VOC-free. This one-step process replaces the environmentally questionable procedures of oiling, painting and plating. By significantly reducing the use of hazardous materials, the workplace is safer for all employees.

ThermadepSM can cut expenses by eliminating the need to pretreat some parts before processing. Additionally, labor costs are reduced because painting, cleaning and additional handling are no longer necessary. These savings alone offset the low capital investment in the ThermadepSM process.

Preferred by one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment, the ThermadepSM process is gaining acceptance everywhere. It is ideal for protecting castings, forgings and other heat treated products requiring short-term protection. Egyptian Coatings also has developed ThermadepSM processes that are long lasting and highly competitive with zinc platings, black oxides and many other industrial coatings.